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   Bratis Bros ltd was established in 1993, by Costas Bratis, agriculture engineer, specialist in irrigation and Apostolos Bratis, electronic engineer, specialist in automation.
Bratis Bros ltd company comes from the development of IRRIGARDEN Bratis Bros OE and IRRISALES K. BRATIS & CO EE Companies, that since 1978, were intensively activated in installation, importing and distribution of irrigation systems all over Greece.

   It cooperates and represents in exclusive base in Greece, a lot of the biggest and well known companies - manufacturers of irrigation systems of all over the world :RAIN BIRD, K-RAIN, ORBIT and HUNTER from USA, ROLLAND from FRANCE, RPE, RAIN SPA και IDROMECCANICA from ITALY and VYRSA from SPAIN.

   Except irrigation, Bratis Bros ltd represents VELDA the leader company in decorative water constructions, ( water gardens, waterfalls, headstreams, ponds etc).

   It also distributes products of the most companies which manufacture irrigation pipes and fittings.



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